About me (常东良)

I am a second year PhD student, at Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System Laboratory (PRIS) of the University of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT). My supervisor is Prof. Zhanyu Ma. Prior to that, I worked as a visiting Student at the PRIS, under the supervision of Prof. Zhanyu Ma. I completed my M.E. degree from Lanzhou University of Technology (LUT), majoring in Internet of things engineering, under the supervision of Prof. Xiao-Xu Li. My research interest lies at the intersection of deep learning and computer vision. The ongoing and future directions aim for the image domain, including fine-grained image classification and understanding tasks, where the human annotation is error-prone and hard to obtain.

I am advised by Prof. Zhanyu Ma and Prof. Yi-Zhe Song.
Keywords: Computer Vision, Fine-Grained, Deep Learning

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