[3] Large-margin Regularized Softmax Cross-Entropy Loss

Published in February 05 , 2019

Recommended citation: Xiaoxu Li, Dongliang Chang, Tao Tian, and Jie Cao. Large-margin regularized softmax cross-entropy loss[J]. IEEE Access, 2019, 7: 19572-19578.

Abstract: Softmax cross-entropy loss with L2 regularization is commonly adopted in the machine learning and neural network community. Considering that the traditional softmax cross-entropy loss simply focuses on fitting or classifying the training data accurately but does not explicitly encourage a large decision margin for classification, some loss functions are proposed to improve the generalization performance by solving the problem. However, these loss functions enhance the difficulty of model optimization. In addition, inspired by regularized logistic regression, where the regularized term is responsible for adjusting the width of decision margin, which can be seen as an approximation of support vector machine, we proposed a large-margin regularization method for softmax cross-entropy loss. The advantages of the proposed loss are twofold as follows: the first is the generalization performance improvement, and the second is easy optimization. The experimental results on three small-sample datasets show that our regularization method achieves good performance and outperforms the existing popular regularization methods of neural networks.

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